We are
GTT - Global Textile Trading LLC

We provide used textile products worldwide

Our mission statement:

We build partnerships that last!

In 2019, our CEO and founder – Teodor Stanchev, took pride in establishing Global Textile Trading. GTT is a company that specializes in developing connections between used clothes/shoes providers and textile recycling partners.

Teodor has great experience in used clothing industry since 2014. With his leadership and dedication, he has successfully established new projects and programs in the field of clothing bin collection, has set up new businesses territories and last but not least created trust and loyalty among partners and customers.

We believe that more can be done in the textile recycling industry, by:
  • Developing new and more efficient programs and initiatives for 100% utilization of unwanted textiles and shoes
  • Providing an excellent customer service experience with a personal touch
Our main advantage?
  1. We care about textile recycling
  2. We understand our customers’ needs
  3. We deliver the products in the most efficient way possible
  4. We always ask for feedback in order to improve our service